Worldwide every year, there are 9 million bone breaks that are no accident.  THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, especially when we have effective diagnostics and treatments.


This campaign emulates the work of work being carried in the US by Bone Health Alliance.  worldwide every year there are 8.9 million bone breaks due to osteoporosis.  Most people who break a bone are treated in the emergency setting or at an urgent care facility.  And life goes on.


But the fact is, men and women as young as 50 (and sometimes much younger) may have osteoporosis and not even know it.


Yet less than 25% of older women who break a bone due to osteoporosis are treated or receive a simple test for osteoporosis.

If we let osteoporosis keep hiding, we are giving it a chance to break us bone by bone.


If you or someone you care about breaks a bone after age 50, ask your healthcare professional for clinical assessment and if appropriate an osteoporosis test.


It is important we keep our bones healthy and strong for as long as possible.