Do not let this silent disease shatter more lives.  If we let osteoporosis keep hiding, we are giving it a chance to break us bone by bone.

If anyone you know breaks, please do this osteoporosis survey and if appropriate have osteoporosis test.  Osteoporosis can occur at any age.

Lets keep bones healthy and strong.  This website is provided by London Osteoporosis Clinic Foundation; LOCF also has educational events.


Please use the information in Resources to share with your network.  Download our Resources




Avoid this happening to you and your loved ones

Avoid this happening to you and your loved ones.


Typical fractures are usually progress, one fracture leads to more; with more disability and early death.  Osteoporosis is treatable and reversible if treated early.



There are many causes of osteoporosis.  It is important that patients are fully assessed for possible causes of osteoporosis and appropriately treated. 



Even a single vertebral fracture leads to reduced life expectancy.


Please help London Osteoporosis Clinic Foundation and LOC, 9m2m, International Osteoporosis Foundation stop progressing of fractures.