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Let's stop this silent disease from shattering more lives.

Put simply Osteoporosis is the weakening of bone strength, which in turn increases the risk of injury if you fall. Contrary to popular belief Osteoporosis can occur at any age. We want to help detect Osteoporosis early to provide effective treatment

Global Osteoporosis Foundation is a not for profit organisation focussed on raising awareness of the causes of Osteoporosis and options for prevention. Our aim is to stop Osteoporosis.

The Campaign

Every year there are 9 million bone breaks directly attributable to Osteoporosis globally. Primarily these occur in old people.

Osteoporosis is an entirely preventable and reversible disease. Global Osteoporosis Foundation's ambition is to raise awareness of the factors that contribute to the causes of Osteoporosis in patients.

We want to positively engage with government health providers around the world to monitor, identify and treat sufferers at an early stage and treatments available to reverse and ultimately eradicate this disease. These simple low cost measures can be used to effectively identify, diagnose and treat the disease and immeasurably improve the lives of millions of sufferers.


Every 3 seconds a bone break occurs that is directly attributable to Osteoporosis

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